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Saw someone mention this in a post in a EDCLV group.

Even though these may not be in your area, you never know if some asshole could be making their way around trying to sell these. Better to spread awareness than for the worst to happen.

There is a batch of ecstasy pills with a “Snapchat Ghost” on them circulating around and have been causing people to go to the hospital. VERY DANGEROUS SHITTY PILLS. STAY AWAY.

If you plan on going to EDC, any types of parties, festivals, parties, and you come across someone trying to give these to you, punch them in the tit/balls and report them to a cop. These pills are killing people and are incredibly deadly.

Also watch out for some of these bad pills that were reported online.

EDC is just around the corner and people are going to be making some…not so healthy impulsive choices. The best thing you can do (if you are going to roll) is BE RESPONSIBLE !!!

DO NOT buy anything from a stranger.
DO NOT go up to that creepy loner guy saying “Molly…Molly…”
Make sure you test your stuff OR look it up online to see if it’s safe.

Your life is worth SO much more than a three hour high. 

Please be safe everyone & roll responsibly :)

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